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HAProxy image that automatically load balances requests against linked Riak CS containers.
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This is a Docker project to bring up an HAProxy instance
that automatically populates linked Riak CS
containers into an HAProxy backend.


Install Docker

Follow the instructions on Docker's website
to install Docker 0.10.0+.

From there, ensure that your DOCKER_HOST environmental variable is set

$ export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://"

Note: If you're using boot2docker
ensure that you forward the virtual machine ports 8080 and 8888. This
will allow you to interact with the container as if it were running locally:

$ for i in {8080,8888}; do
 VBoxManage modifyvm "boot2docker-vm" --natpf1 "tcp-port$i,tcp,,$i,,$i";
 VBoxManage modifyvm "boot2docker-vm" --natpf1 "udp-port$i,udp,,$i,,$i";

Build image

Clone repository and build

$ git clone
$ cd docker-riak-cs-haproxy
$ make build


The phusion/baseimage-docker
image has the ability to enable an insecure key for conveniently logging
into a container via SSH. It is enabled in the Dockerfile by default here:

RUN /usr/sbin/enable_insecure_key

In order to login to the container via SSH using the insecure key, follow
the steps below.

Use docker inspect to determine the container IP address:

$ docker inspect $CONTAINER_ID | egrep IPAddress
        "IPAddress": "",

Download the insecure key, alter its permissions, and use it to SSH into the
container via its IP address:

$ curl -o insecure_key -fSL
$ chmod 600 insecure_key
$ ssh -i insecure_key root@

Note: If you're using
boot2docker, ensure that you're
issuing the SSH command from within the virtual machine running boot2docker.

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