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Official Docker build of aw-stack version 0.0.3
Full Description

aw-stack is a Angular.js 1.5.x, Angular-UI, Webpack, ES6 (ECMAScript 2015), Babel, Karma, Jasmine, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS , ESLint, LESSHint front-end stack.


Assuming Docker is already installed, up and running on the system environment:

Open terminal, change directory to the repository where you cloned aw-stack and start root session

sudo -s

Pull aw-stack Docker image

docker pull hegdeashwin/aw-stack

Run aw-stack Docker image in background

docker run -d -p 8000:8000 hegdeashwin/aw-stack

E.g. c49d5118bbd8e43fd1e4be36df9523755f98acf1d0ec3a0609532172b8bd363b

Check image running in background

docker ps

Check running container instance logs

docker logs <CONTAINER-ID>
E.g. docker logs c49d5118bbd8

> aw-stack@0.0.3 docker /usr/aw-stack
> NODE_ENV=production nodejs server.js

Node (Express) server listening on port 8000

Open and run aw-stack on browser

Docker Pull Command