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ArchiveSpark with Zeppelin in a ready-to-use Docker image
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A Docker Image with ArchiveSpark and Zeppelin

The image has been deployed on Docker Hub:

To run it, you will need three directories:

  • /.../mydeps: this is where you can put all the dependencies (*.jar) that you want to use in your jobs
  • /.../mynotes: this is where your notebooks will be stored
  • /.../mydata: this is where you can put your data files

To get you started we provide a sample notebook under notes and the required dependencies under deps in this repo.
Please just clone these files into the corresponding paths (e.g., /.../mynotes and /.../mydeps). In addition to that you will need to copy the models for CoreNLP into your deps directory in order to be able to run named entity extraction:

Now you can run your docker container with the following command and access Zeppelin under http://localhost:8080:

docker run --rm -t -p 8080:8080 -v /.../mydeps:/deps -v /.../mynotes:/notes -v /.../mydata:/data helgeho/archivespark-zeppelin
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