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Dockerized Swift for Raspberry Pi (unofficial) -
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This is a basic Docker which just contains (unofficial) RaspberryPi builds of Swift.

Supported tags:

  • 3.1.0, 3.1.1, latest

How to run

An easy way to get Docker running on a RaspberryPi is the Hypriot image, here is a quick howto.

If you want to remote-control the Raspi from your mac, there is a howto for that as well.

Once you got Docker running, you can do a simple:

docker run --rm  helje5/rpi-swift swift --version
Swift version 3.1 (swift-3.1-RELEASE)
Target: armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf

Note: Swift REPL does not work on ARM. Swift Package Manager etc. now do.


Simple stuff like invoking swift --version also works on Docker-for-Mac w/ QEmu. That is you can run the rpi-swift image using Docker-for-Mac w/o an actual Raspberry Pi! Other things do not work in QEmu, including SwiftPM.


This is a very basic image w/ just Swift. There is another image helje5/rpi-swift-dev which comes with dev tools installed. You probably want to use that if you want to build Swift packages.

There is also a demo image which shows how to run Apache Modules written in Swift on a Raspi,
checkout: Running Server Side Swift on RaspberryPi .

More Info

Checkout for more information.

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