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GCC 4.6.4 C/ObjC installed on Ubuntu Trusty
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To compile a trunk libFoundation based SOPE/OGo you need an old compiler - gcc 4.6.4 seems to work for me. Later libobjc are incompatible to parts of the upstream SOPE repository.

This image provides a gcc 4.6.4 installed into /usr/local, like this:

apt-get install gcc make wget \
libmpc-dev libmpc3 libgmp-dev libgmp10 libmpfr-dev libmpfr4
cd;mkdir tmp;cd tmp

tar jxf gcc-4.6.4.tar.bz2; rm gcc-4.6.4.tar.bz2
cd gcc-4.6.4; ./configure --enable-languages=c,objc --disable-multilib
make install
cd; rm -rf tmp

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