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Docker Image creating Oracle Server JVM Jar executable container for never ending apps
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You can setup the application volume, withing the jar, some enironment variables such as JAR_PATH=/root/app/<your_jar_path_in_the_volume> (default: /root/app/sample.jar), APP_LOGS="/root/app/<your_error_log_file_path>" (default: /root/app/app-out.log), JAVA_OPTS="<your_options_for_the_jvm>" (default : "-XX:MaxPermSize=20M"), APP_ARGS="<your_jar_arguments>" (default: ""), here an example of creating a container:
docker run -d -it -v /my/path/to/jar/folder:/root/app -e JAR_PATH=/root/app/my-spring.jar -e APP_LOGS=/root/app/app-err.log -e JAVA_OPTS="-XX:MaxPermSize=1024M" -e APP_ARGS="foo bas" -p 10089:8089 hellgate75/java-server-jar:8
We are gonna release different Server JVM version images
Very useful for one jar web apps or apps like Spring Boot ones or others. We expose the ports beetween 8080 and 8100 (included)

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