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Empty development environment for the setuptool
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Docker container with HemeLB installed. It offers a graphical session
accessible from your browser (via a noVNC client) so that you can run
the HemeLB setup tool.

Build the container with: docker build -t hemelb .

Launch the container with: docker run -i -t -p 6080:6080 -v <path_to_your_data>:/data hemelb,
where <path_to_your_data> is the folder in the host system that you want to mount as /data in the container.

When running the container via boot2docker (e.g. OS X, Windows): Connect with
your browser to the boot2docker VM on port 6080, i.e.

When running the container natively (e.g. GNU/Linux): Connect with
your browser to the localhost on port 6080, i.e. http://localhost:6080

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