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Hence Data

Note: This image is still in BETA, and is subject to change without notice.

This is our minimal customized Data image based on alpine:3.2.

It's sole purpose is to mount persistent data for other containers to access using the --volumes-from RUN command.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links


Mount your desired data as a volume to /data in the container

Why not busybox?

Busybox is the standard goto for data-only containers, and is smaller that alpine linux (2MB vs 5MB). The reason for choosing alpine linux is twofold:

  • We're already using it for our base image, so we get it 'for free' as far as filesystem usage is concerned. Using busybox would actually take up more space (a whopping 2MB :P )
  • Alpine is a fuller-featured distro. If, for any reason down the road, we need to perform any specialized one-off tasks in the container, we could easily accomplish almost anything in alpine, and have it's full-featured package manager apk at our disposal.





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