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3 months ago

Need to add syslog but host unable to open port 514.

2 years ago

@henningkessler your post nor documentation explain that the database is not setup. You should either a) update your post/documentation or b) have the Dockerfile configure the database for you. Took me some time to figure this out.


2 years ago

so here is how I run this: first I create a data only container:

docker run -d --name ob-data -v /var/lib/mysql -v /opt/observium/rrd -v /opt/observium/logs busybox:ubuntu-14.04

Then I start the database container linking to the data container and adding a password for MYSQL with the environment variable

docker run -d --name ob-db --volumes-from ob-data --env MYSQL_PASS=password -p 3306:3306 tutum/mysql:5.5

After this I start the observium container linking to both the data container and the database container and adding some more variables:

docker run -d --name observium --volumes-from ob-data --link ob-db:ob-db -p 80:80 --env DB_HOST=ob-db --env OB_ADMIN=admin --env OB_PASS=obpassword --env DB_PASS=password henningkessler/observium:latest

hope this helps.

2 years ago

when i test the port 80.
I have thiçs error in browser :
MySQL Error: Unknown MySQL server host 'ob-db' (2)

2 years ago

hello, thnak for your docker.

Can you help me to run this docker ?

What is the mapping port ?