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Short Description
Dockerize your RainLoop webmail-client upon a slim and lightweight alpine image.
Full Description

Make your Rainloop fly on Alpine


This image provides the "Rainloop"-Webmailer upon a lightweight Alpine FPM-PHP image.
It is intended to be used along with an additional webserver-container like apache or nginx.


  • Slim and lightweight image based on Alpine
  • Pre-configured APCu and OPcache

Basic Usage

I'd recommend to use docker-compose for spawning containers since it's the easiest way.

  1. Clone the repository of this project:

    $ git clone rainloop && \
    cd rainloop
  2. [OPTIONAL] Open up docker-compose.yml and change the public-port in line 16:

    $ vim docker-compose.yml
  3. Start your containers using docker-compose:

    $ docker-compose up -d
  4. Check if your new rainloop-container is running:

    $ curl "http://localhost:1337"

Example docker-compose files

If you are interested in my setup for running this container check my repository containing all my docker-compose.yml files.

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