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A Docker Container to run Google's Deepdream on the command line
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Google Deepdream + Docker

A Docker Container to run Google's Deepdream. This avoids having to setup all the dependencies (including GPU drivers, Python, Caffe, etc) in your OS of choice, so you can skip right to the fun part!


docker run -i -t -e INPUT=your_file.png -v /path/to/your/folder:/data herval/deepdream

Replace /path/to/your/folder to the folder where your INPUT file is. That's also where the output will be written to.

Note: Depending on how much memory your machine has, you might run into problems with high-res images. In my case, processing failed for a 12mp image. Either stick to smaller images or buy more RAM ;-)

The output of the script will be written to the output/ subfolder. Enjoy!

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