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InfluxDB 0.9.4
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Docker container for InfluxDB

See for influxDB documentation

Currently under early development, may not result in a functionnal container.

Why this image?

I wanted to give access to a clean and well documented InfluxDB container, suitable for docker beginners as well as InfluxDB beginners.

It means this container has:

  • a public git repository
  • an up to date docker image
  • explanations on its structure and how to use


Usefull mountpoints are:

  • /opt/influxdb/shared/ - InfluxDB shared files, contains:
    • /opt/influxdb/shared/config.toml - config file
    • /opt/influxdb/shared/data/ - data files
  • /var/log - log files.
    • /var/log/supervisor/ - init system log files, traces container's process start/stop/restart
    • /var/log/influxdb/ - influxdb log files


Exposed ports are:

  • :8083 for admin interface
  • :8086 for API
  • :25826/udp for collectd
  • :8090 and :8099 for cluster internals (Protobuf and Raft prococols) - not mandatory

Included files

  • - Builds a Docker image from the git tree.
  • - Creates and runs your InfluxDB container.
  • Dockerfile - The recipe used by docker to create the image.
  • configfiles/ - Additionnal files required for the image creation.

First steps

Documentation on how to have a simple graphing setup can be found here:

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository