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Grafana for Raspberry Pi
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For details on building and running this image have a look at

Grafana 2.6.0
Grafana 3.0.1


Dockerfile for running Grafana on raspberry pi.

Running in docker container

You can use this docker image to run grafana in docker.

Install docker (if not already done)

Since there is no official docker build for raspberry pi available yet, you could use the docker packages of hypriot:

# download image (replace name by latest release)
# install docker (replace name by latest release)
sudo dpkg -i docker-hypriot_1.10.2-1_armhf.deb
# enable service
sudo service docker restart
# check if everything is working
sudo docker info

Build docker image (optional)

If you want to build the image by yourself instead of downloading it from docker hub:

# clone github repository
git clone
# run build script

Run docker container

# clone github repository
git clone
# run build script

Running without docker

If you don't like docker you can use the prebuild packages in the dist-* directory of my rpi-grafana-build repository to setup and run Graphana without docker.

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