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A docker container for Piwigo
Now contains ffmpeg and mediainfo

Recommended use:

# Create a volume image for mysql
docker run --name mysql-piwigo-data -d mysql false
# Create a volume image for piwigo
docker run -d --name piwigo-data hg8496/piwigo false
# Launch the mysql container
docker run --volumes-from mysql-piwigo-data --name mysql-piwigo -e MYSQL_USER=piwigo -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=piwigo -e MYSQL_DATABASE=piwigo -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=toor -d mysql
# Lauch the piwigo container
docker run -d --volumes-from piwigo-data --link mysql-piwigo:mysql -p 80:80 hg8496/piwigo

Then go to to http://<server> and you should see the piwigo installpage. From there use mysql as database host and piwigo as user, password and database.

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