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Basic config file driven mongo-connector with elastic2_doc_manager
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Dockerized Mongo Connector that uses volumes, a config file, and newer document manager.
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  • Provies elastic_doc_manager and elastic2_doc_manager
  • Use /var/log/mongo-connector volume to store oplog
  • Use /conf volume with config.json in it for configuration.


docker run -d \
  -v /path/data/mongo-connector:/var/log/mongo-connector \
  -v /path/conf/mongo-connector:/conf \
  --link some_elastic:elasticsearch \
  --link some_mongo:mongodb \

In theory, you don't need either volumes if you want to run it with the default config or
for testing purposes. You can also issue your own command to run mongo-connector with CLI
args instead of the config file.


I have tested this enough for my needs using the current mongo:3.2 (3.2.6) and
elasticsearch:2 (2.3.3).

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