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Official Docker repository for Highcharts Export Server
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The Highcharts Export server docker image

This is a Dockerfile to build a container image for highcharts-export-server.

Git repository

The source files for this project can be found here:

If you have any improvements please submit a pull request.

Docker hub repository

The Docker hub build can be found here:


JAVA: 1.8

Building from source

To build from source you need to clone the git repo and run docker build:

    git clone
    docker build -t highcharts-export-server:<TAG> .

Pulling from Docker Hub

Pull the image from docker hub rather than downloading the git repo. This prevents you having to build the image on every docker host:

    docker pull highcharts/highcharts-export-server:<TAG>


To simply run the container:

 docker run -p 8080:8080 --rm -it highcharts/highcharts-export-server:<TAG>

You can then browse to http://<DOCKER_HOST>:8080 to view the live export-server. To find your DOCKER_HOST use the docker inspect to get the IP address.

Customize export-server

Choose Highcharts JS version

Within Dockerfile, you can declare the specific version of highcharts you gonna use and specific js modules as well.
For licensing reasons, it's recommended to use the highcharts compiled files from[highcharts-version-you-use]/
and when you use them, you acknowledge that you own highcharts license.

In Dockerfile, find these lines and config the specific modules you gonna include docker container or not.


RUN wget$HIGHCHARTS_VERSION/highcharts.js \
&&  wget$HIGHCHARTS_VERSION/highstock.js \
&&  wget$HIGHCHARTS_VERSION/highmaps.js

Add More Fonts

You can find more fonts online and place them in this location /fonts/usr/share/fonts
Note that you have to be responsible of authorization of using some fonts

Build your own docker image to Dockerhub

Build docker image

        $ docker build -t <DOCKER_HUB>/highcharts-export-prod:424 .

Run it

        $ docker run -p 8080:8080 --rm -it  <DOCKER_HUB>/highcharts-export-prod:424
Docker Pull Command