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Debian(jessie) with Docker for onboard container developments on netPI
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Industrialized Raspberry Pi for Custom Automation Projects

For platform details read on here.

The image - Raspbian OS with containerized Docker for on-board container developments

Base of this image builds a tagged version of debian:jessie with enabled SSH, created user 'pi' and installed Docker enabling the use of Docker's command line interface Docker CLI to take control of netPI's top-level Docker from inside the container.

Container prerequisites

Port mapping

For remote login to the container across SSH the container's SSH port 22 needs to be mapped to any free netPI host port.

Volume mapping

To redirect Docker commands called in the container to netPI's top-level Docker its deamon socket /var/run/docker.sock needs to be mounted into the container.

Getting started

STEP 1. Open netPI's landing page under https://<netpi's ip address>.

STEP 2. Click the Docker tile to open the Docker management user interface.

STEP 3. Enter the following parameters under Containers > Add Container

  • Image: hilschernetpi/netpi-container-build-environment

  • Port mapping: Host "22" (any unused one) -> Container "22"

  • Restart policy" : always

  • Advanced container settings > Volumes > map additional volume: Container: /var/run/docker.sock, Bind -> Host: /var/run/docker.sock

STEP 4. Press the button Actions > Start container

Pulling the image from Docker Hub may take up to 5 minutes.


After the container has been started login to it with a SSH client such as putty using the netPI's IP address along with the mapped SSH port. Use the credentials pi as user and raspberry as password when asked and you are logged in as a non-root user pi.

The container will direct any of your Docker CLI calls in the format 'docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARG...]' to netPIs top-level Docker with immediate effect. It provides you an alternative path in pushing and pulling netPI containers and even better to build and develop containers on-board. Every command requires to preface it with sudo. Tip: call sudo -i once before using the Docker CLI to create a new root login shell.

GitHub sources

The image is built from the GitHub project netPI-container-build-environment. It complies with the Dockerfile method to build a Docker image automated.

To allow building ARM containers on x86 platforms under Dockerhub the Dockerfile uses the method described here


Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

Docker Pull Command

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