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HiP-Auth is an authentication and authorization service built and maintained by HiPCMS which is a content management system developed by the project group History in

HiP-Auth is currently acting as a microservice for HiPCMS. Nevertheless it can be consumed by any application which requires token based authentication.
We also develop a REST API and a Client app which uses this service. The REST API is built on .NET Core 1.1 and client app is developed on Angular 4.

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.

See the graphs page
for a list of code contributions.

Technolgies and Requirements:

HiP-CmsWebApi is a REST API built on .NET Core 1.1 with C# 6.0. Below are the requirements needed to build and develop this project,

IDE Options

Getting started

  • Clone the repository.
  • Create a new file appsettings.Development.json at src/Auth. (See src/Auth/appsettings.Development.json.example).
  • Update the new appsettings.Development.json file to match your needs.
  • To run using Visual Studio, just start the app with/without debugging.
  • To run through terminal,
    • Navigate to src\Auth.
    • Set Environment Varriable ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development.
    • Execute dotnet run.

How to develop

How to test

  • Create a new file "appsettings.Test.json" at "test/Auth.Tests". (See "test/Auth.Tests/appsettings.Test.json.example").
  • Update the new appsettings.Test.json file to match your needs.
  • Navigate to test\Auth.Tests then run dotnet test.

How to submit Defects and Feature Proposals

Please write an email to


HiP (History in Paderborn) ist eine Plattform der:

Universität Paderborn
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn
Tel.: +49 5251 60-0

You can also write an email.

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