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hiroara/twemproxy repo

Get started

At first, save following configuration file in $(pwd)/etc/nutcracker.yml.

  hash: fnv1a_64
  distribution: ketama
  auto_eject_hosts: true
  redis: true
  redis_db: 0
  server_retry_timeout: 2000
  server_failure_limit: 2

Then run Redis container and twemproxy.

$ docker run -d --name redis redis:2
$ docker run -it --rm --link -v $(pwd)/etc:/etc/twemproxy -p 6379:6379 hiroara/twemproxy /usr/bin/nutcracker -c /etc/twemproxy/nutcracker.yml

So, you can connect to redis server via twemproxy.

$ redis-cli -h $DOCKER_HOST_IP -p 6379

Use configuration stored on Redis

If you cannot locate configuration files on host machine, you can store configuration on Redis and can use it.

For this way, you need to store configuration content on Redis.

$ docker run -d -p 6380:6379 --name redis redis:2
$ redis-cli -h $DOCKER_HOST_IP -p 6380 set nutcrackeryml "$(cat etc/nutcracker.yml)"

And run twemproxy container.

$ docker run -it -e NUTCRACKERYML_KEY=nutcrackeryml -e -e NUTCRACKER_PORT=6379 --link --rm hiroara/twemproxy
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