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Jupyter Notebook with Juniper PyEZ
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Built on top of juniper/pyez container, with alpine-sdk and Jupyter Notebook.
Additional libraries included: Juniper py-space-platform (space-ez), Juniper jxmlease Python modules.

Juniper PyEZ:

Juniper py-space-platform:

Juniper jxmlease:

Jupyter Notebook:

docker run --name jpyez -ti --rm -p 8888:8888 hkarhani/jpyez /bin/sh -c "/usr/bin/jupyter notebook"

Access the notebook via: http://<docker-host-ip>:8888

1.0: Juniper PyEZ + Alpine SDK + Jupyter Notebook Initial Setup
1.1: Adding Juniper jxmlease and space-ez python libraries.

Only Python 2.x Kernel is currently embedded. Please note that this Jupyter Notebook configuration is not Hardened, and meant for Lab & Demo Purposes.

Please consult the following link for instructions on hardening for public usage:

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