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Postfix and Dovecot. Simple email server with IMAP4 access. TLS too.
Full Description

To run this container:

docker run -e \
-v /home/harald/postfix-dovecot/config:/config \
-v /home/harald/postfix-dovecot/home:/home \
-v /home/harald/postfix-dovecot/var_mail:/var/mail \
-p 25:25 -p 465:465 -p 143:143 -p 993:993 -p 587:587 \
--name postfix-dovecot \
-d \

It'll receive email for the listed domain ( in the above example).

/config contains few configuration files:
config/aliases: aliases file
config/ file to create accounts and sets passwords
config/ssl.crt and config/ssl.key: SSL certificate and private key

home/ has home directories for all users defined in It's where mail is stored.

var_mail/ is /var/mail in the container: mailer directories. mail is stored here too. Permissions should be similar to /tmp

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