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Ranky is a quick prototype of a ranking engine created in javascript, nodejs, and express.


  • V0.0.4 Basic ui on / and websocket implementation for broadcasting changes
  • v0.0.3 Automatic test data generation when database is empty, now handling teams with arbitrary many players
  • v0.0.2 Mongodb storage added. All changes are converted to events which are stored. On server startup all the events are loaded from the databse, and state rebuild
  • v0.0.1 Simple api implemented, no storage


The application expects a mongodb running on localhost, and will create a database named ranky with no credentials;

It you want to install mongodb, just run:

$brew install mongodb


And the database should be running.

Starting the server

After you have checked out the code and installed node and npm. Just run the following commands from the command line:

$npm install

$node app.js


Rudimentary UI showing off the API and websocket interface

Point your browser to the root /


There are 3 active endpoints, get the current ranking, create a new player, and register a match.

Get ranking

Post a GET request to /list

Create new player

Post at POST request to /player containing a JSON body in the following form:

  "name": "Hans"

Register match

Post at POST request to /match containing a JSON body in the following form, players arrays can contain arbitrary many playerids:

  "team1": {
    "players": [3,5],
    "score": 10
  "team2": {
    "players": [1,5],
    "score": 3 


Connect to the server on the same port as for the api, and receive broadcasts on changes to the list. The possible messages are:


Gets a list of updated players back.


Gets the new player that has been created.

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