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Build environments for Homegear.
Full Description

These images create Debian packages of the current GitHub version of Homegear. These packages then can optionally automatically be uploaded to a server of your choice using SSH.

If you don't want to upload the package to a server, run the image with "-e HOMEGEARBUILD_SHELL=1".

Environment variables

Use these variables for automatic build.

  • HOMEGEARBUILD_SHELL: Just start the shell and don't upload the built packages to a server.
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_THREADS: Number of make threads to create (default: 1).
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_SERVERNAME: The URL of the server to upload the Debian package to
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_SERVERUSER: The user name to use to log in
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_STABLESERVERPATH: The path to upload the stable package to
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_NIGHTLYSERVERPATH: The path to upload the stable package to
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_TYPE: "stable" or "nightly"
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_SERVERCERT: The base64 encoded private certificate to log in to the server. Replace new lines with "\n".
  • HOMEGEARBUILD_SERVER_KNOWNHOST_ENTRY: The public host key of the server (optional). When specified there is no user input required to run this image. Replace new lines with "\n".
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