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A C++ library and associated command line tools designed to create terrain tiles for use in the Cesium JavaScript library.
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Cesium Terrain Builder Docker Images

This is an Ubuntu derived image containing Cesium Terrain Builder compiled
against a GDAL installation bundled with a broad range of drivers. It is
suitable for getting up and running quickly with the Cesium Terrain Builder
command line tools and/or coding with libctb.


The following command will open a bash shell in an Ubuntu based environment
Cesium Terrain Builder available:

docker run -t -i homme/cesium-terrain-builder:latest /bin/bash

You can run the command line utilities from there e.g.

ctb-tile --version

You will most likely want to work with data on the host system from within the
docker container, in which case run the container with the -v option. This
mounts a host directory inside the container; the following invocation maps the
host's /tmp to /data in the container:

docker run -v /tmp:/data -t -i homme/cesium-terrain-builder:latest bash

You can now access and save data to the host filesystem. For example the
following command entered at the prompt provided with the previous command will
build a terrain tileset. This assumes /tmp/source.tiff is present on the
host system:

mkdir /data/tiles && ctb-tile -o /data/tiles /data/source.tiff

You should now have the tiles available on your host system in /tmp/tiles.

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