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A dockerized Thug to analyze malicious web content.
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A dockerized Thug . Thug version 0.6.7

Get it from the Honeynet Project's Docker repository

This automated build is kindly maintained by Ali Ikinci

Thug is installed at /opt/thug . To run run it execute python /opt/thug/src/

Example usage:

Download latest container

docker pull honeynet/thug

This will mount your hosts ~/logs dir and enable to keep the logs on the host

docker run -it -v ~/logs:/logs honeynet/thug

inside the container run this to analyze 20 random samples from thug

for item in  $(find /opt/thug/samples/ -type f  |xargs shuf -e |tail -n 20); do python /opt/thug/src/ -l  $item; done
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a year ago

Sure why not. But I would appreciate if you open a request in github for new feature requests. By the way you can create a new docker image based on this one and add anything you like in a matter of minutes.

2 years ago

Any chance we can get "vi" back in this repo? I generally make a couple edits before I use thug and I noticed it was missing from my most recent pull.