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Short Description
Minimalistic base image on Alpine
Full Description

Alpine base docker image

Minimalistic base image to create other images. Based on latest stable Alpine 3.6 release.
Contains bash shell as default.


Current and previous versions of Alpine are maintained. When new version appears you have time to switch.

  • latest – latest version of Alpine. Use this if you want always be up to date
  • 3 – Latest Alpine release of 3.x branch
  • 3.6 – Alpine 3.6 (current)
  • 3.5 – Alpine 3.5 (previous)


Just run to get the bash prompt

docker run -it --rm hope/alpine

Use latest version as base image for your own images

FROM hope/alpine 

Or use specific version as base image

FROM hope/alpine:3.6
FROM hope/alpine:3


Available timezones
Set timezone in container with environment variable TZ in command line

docker run -it --rm -e TZ=America/Chicago hope/alpine

Or in your Dockerfile

ENV TZ=America/Chicago


There are 2 Alpine package repositories included


apk add nodejs


apk add nodejs@edge
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