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Base image for HopeUA containers
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Base docker image

Base image to create other images. Based on latest stable CentOS 7 release.


Current version of CentOS are maintained. When new version appears you will have time to switch.

  • latest – latest version of CentOS. Use this if you want always be up to date
  • 7 – Latest CentOS release of 7.x branch


Just run to get the bash prompt

docker run -it --rm hope/centos

Use latest version as base image for your own images

FROM hope/centos

Or use specific version as base image

FROM hope/centos:7


Available timezones
Set timezone in container with environment variable TZ in command line

docker run -it --rm -e TZ=America/Chicago hope/centos

Or in your Dockerfile

ENV TZ=America/Chicago


EPEL repo installed by default.

Docker Pull Command
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