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simple-ucp-tools makes UCP and DTR usage simpler, there are options for commandline client bundle download and certificates treatment.

Simple UCP-Tools Usage

 docker run --rm --name simple-ucp-tools -v <YOUR_OUTPUT_DIR>:/OUTDIR hopla/simple-ucp-tools <OPTION>

    -h This Help (same as no option ;)
    -n UCP_URL_WITH_PORT/DTR_URL_WITH_PORT (if not default 443 port)
    -u UCP_USERNAME (defaults to 'admin')
    -p USP_PASSWORD (defaults to 'orca')
    -c Downloads UCP CA as ucp-ca.pem
    -d Downloads DTR CA as <DTR>.crt

When using for DTR CA download you must move <DTR>.crt file to trusted system certs and them update them using system commands.

Docker Pull Command