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Docker repo used within my talk: How to put your Docker image on a diet
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How to put your Docker image on a diet

A talk by Peter Fisher

Overtime Docker images can get very large in disk space and this can quickly become an issue during deployment of a web application.

Large docker images are slow to deploy and cost can mount up when they are used on cloud infrastructure.

In this talk I will demonstrate 6 ways to reduce the size of your Docker image. Each example has been tagged as a working example that can be found on the Docker hub and GitHub.

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0.2.0 588MB Dockerfile Tag 0.2.0
0.3.0 314MB Dockerfile Tag 0.3.0
0.4.0 275MB Dockerfile Tag 0.4.0
0.5.0 262MB Dockerfile Tag 0.5.0
0.6.0 252MB Dockerfile Tag 0.6.0
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