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This is the base image which is use by all other images in this repository. There are a few key components:


The latest version of supervisor is installed, to enable us to run multiple processes in the container. Any child containers of hpess/base can easily add new services to start at container boot by creating a service definition such as this:

command=/bin/echo bar

And including it in your Dockerfile:

FROM hpess/base:latest
COPY yourservice.conf /etc/supervisord.d/yourservice.conf

None-Supervisor user

Supervisor is only used when there are multiple services defined in /etc/supervisord.d, if there is only a single file the container will just run directly the command= as the user= as defined in that file. This is because theres no need for the additional overhead of supervisord, when you can set a container with a single process to restart=always. However, if you want to force supervisord to do your process management then set the environment variable FORCE_SUPERVISOR=true.


Supervisor-stdout is also installed, giving you the capability to redirect the stdout and stderr from your child process to PID 1, this meals you'll see the output when attaching to a container, or using fig logs. To make use of this, add the following two lines to your program definitions:

command=/bin/echo bar
stdout_events_enabled = true
stderr_events_enabled = true

Pre-supervisor Setup

Sometimes you need to execute scripts before services are setup and configured. In those situations please COPY an executable .sh file to the volume /preboot.

Any files in there will be executed PRIOR to supervisord starting.


The entrypoint script to this container will execute $USER/.bashrc or /etc/bashrc, /etc/profile and /etc/profile.d/*.sh therefore if there are any environmental settings you whish to enforce, please create the relevant .sh files in /etc/profile.d

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