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This builds on the hpess/base image and installs chef-client for surface level configuration.

Some people believe that chef and docker are mutually exclusive, i personally disagree. I like to have 95% of what is required to run the application in the container, ready to go, and then use chef for minor surface level configurance in each instance.


At the moment I'm only supporting local-mode, that is, running cookbooks and recipes which are physically present in the /chef volume.

The general idea is that you can either mount a /chef volume containing your cookbooks:

docker run -it --rm -v ./your/cookbooks:/chef -e="chef_run_list=cookbook" hpess/chef

Or you can create your own Dockerfile which copies in the cookbooks:

FROM hpess/chef
COPY chef/* /chef
ENV chef_run_list cookbook

Google Compute Engine IMPORTANT!

I discovered a strange issue with chef-client, even when running in local mode. Basically on startup it seems to be trying to request from Only after it times out, does the client run continue.

I don't use GCE, nor does anyone I know, and i've discovered that by having in your host file, it makes the startup of chef-client almost instant. This is added to the container automatically.

However, as I don't want to cause issues for GCE users, if you set the environment variables chef_gce="true", this line will not be added.


To be clear, the purpose of this container is not to be run on its own, its built to form the foundations of other containers.

I use it in a number of other applications (chef out hpess/dockerproxy) for example, which is a squid/dnsmasq container but using chef to configure the applications as per the users environmental variables.

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