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HA Proxy

This container builds on hpess/chef by adding HAProxy, currently version 1.5.11 (built from source).


Out of the box, it doesn't do a huge amount. HA Proxies configuration is going to be pretty bespoke per implementation so I haven't attempted to do any form of templating, subsequently this container will not boot unless you put your own haproxy.cfg into /storage via either a bindmount or new Dockerfile.

This is an example docker file for load balancing an ELK stack..

  image: hpess/haproxy:master
  restart: always
  hostname: haproxy
    - ./storage/haproxy:/storage
    - "9300:9300/tcp"   # Elasticsearch
    - "9200:9200/tcp"   # Elasticsearch
    - "5601:5601/tcp"   # Kibana
    - "1337:1337/tcp"   # Logstash TCP connector
    - "elasticsearch1"
    - "elasticsearch2"
    - "logstash1"
    - "logstash2"
    - "kibana1"
    - "kibana2"

Then you'll need to create ./storage/haproxy and stick your haproxy.cfg into there.


The following flags were used during complication:

  • USE_PCRE=1: HAProxy recommended configuration
  • USE_LIBCRYPT=1: Support encrypted passwords in config
  • USE_LINUX_SPLICE=1: Enables support for the splice() system call, to enable data to be moved between file descriptors within kernel space, not touching the user space.
  • USE_LINUX_TPROXY=1: Enable support for linux transparent proxy.


This docker application is distributed unter the MIT License (MIT).

HAProxy itself is licenced under the GPL V2 License.

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