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This container is a docker implementation of Logstash Forwarder for sending file based logs to a central logstash server in a secure and fast way.


We use these as "connectors" basically, to shit data from different areas. You can run it out of the box with just a few environment variables!

An example docker-compose file:

  image: hpess/logstash-forwarder
    logstash_ip:   'your-logstash-ip-address'
    logstash_port: '8080'
    logstash_cn:   ''
    - "/var/log:/logs:ro"

What we're saying here is monitor my /var/log folder (read only) and post it to

SSL Certificates

Logstash forwarder uses SSL certificates to validate against the Logstash server. The container will generate those and output them to STDOUT when you start it, OR you can mount in a /storage volume which contains them.

You will need to ensure that the listening end is configured to use the same crt and key. See


This docker container is distributed unter the MIT License (MIT).

Logstash Forwarder is licensed under the Apache 2 License.

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