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This container builds on hpess/jre by adding Logstash. Currently installing logstash 1.5.2


Out of the box, we set up a simple udp json listener which pumps data into elasticsearch without really doing much.

An exmaple docker-compose file would be:

  image: hpess/logstash
  hostname: logstash
    udp_tags:      'tag1,tag2'
    udp_codec:     'json'
    elastic_url:   'elasticsearch:9200'
    elastic_proto: 'http' 
    - "9303:9303/udp"

Default values are:

  udp_tags:      'udp_in'
  udp_codec:     'json'
  elastic_url:   'elasticsearch:9200'
  elastic_proto: 'http'

Or if you prefer, stick your own config in /storage/logstash.conf


Logstash has changed the way it handles plugins quite dramatically, the contrib package no longer exists and instead you install specific plugins.

I didn't want to bloat this image with plugins not everybody uses so subsequently I have left it to you to decide what plugins you want. The included docker-compose file shows how to build an image with the plugins you need.

However, I have selfishly included hpess-logstash-codec-cef and logstash-output-syslog, as they're two we use quite heavily :)


This docker application is distributed unter the MIT License (MIT).

Logstash itself is licenced under the Apache License.

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