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Ubuserv provides DNS, DHCP, Webserver, Network latency monitoring services in a container.
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Ubuserv provides the following services in a container:

DNS (bind)
DHCP (isc-dhcp-server)
Webserver (nginx - with fcgiwrap)
Network latency monitoring (smokeping)
Enabling the services on container creation can be controlled individually by the following environment variables:

DHCPD_ENABLED (default: false)

BIND_ENABLED (default:true)

NGINX_ENABLED (default:true)

SMOKEPING_ENABLED (default:true)

Based on the above variables, the image uses supervisord to control each of the processes.

Supervisor process names are as follows:





Within a container, the processes can be reloaded/restarted/stopped by using the command suprvisorctl. Run "supervisorctl help" for help.

The image provides the ability to mount a volume at /data which will then enable persistent configs for all of the above mentioned processes.

For e.g. creating a container as follows will enable all the configuration information to be stored at /host/somefolder/myubuserv

docker create -v /host/somefolder/myubuserv:/data hpsn/ubuserv:latest

The above command will create the following dirs on "host" :


|----- myubuserv

 |---------- bindconf

 |---------- dhcpdconf

 |----------  nginxconf

 |----------  smokepingconf

Within the container, symbolic links are created as follows:

/data/bindconf -------> /etc/bind

/data/dhcpdconf -------> /etc/dhcp

/data/nginxconf -------> /etc/nginx

/data/smokepingconf -------> /etc/smokeping

All services run on default ports, except nginx. The default http port on nginx has been changed to 8888.

Following probes are available with smokeping:



speedtest-cli (

Enjoy !

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