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ALM Octane
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This repository hosts Tech Preview images of ALM Octane to let you experience the software as an on-prem product.
The images supplied are for tech preview purposes only and should not be used in production scenarios.

The images supplied allow you to quickly get up and running by utilizing docker-compose.
Please refer to:
to get more details and the needed files to install the product

Notes about Docker versioning:

Each version is denoted by a version number. What's new in this version.

We use three different maturity levels to denote the type of software you'll get. This allows us to give you an early access preview of newer versions:

  1. alpha - Uploaded as soon as possible after it's done with R&D. It may still contain significant issues and did not go through the final round of QA.

  2. beta - Went through basic tests and while it may still have some known issues it should be have no major show stoppers.

  3. latest - Well tested and is close to the version that will be pushed to production. We also tag this with the version and no additional labels to allow you to return to a specific verison.

As the versions progress we update all previous versions to the latest available version. For example, once latest is ready both Alpha and Beta tags will contain the latest version.

Only when the image reaches the latest stage it will be published on HPLN

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2 months ago

ravan. app_url should not contain the <>. This was very confusing to me but I finally figured it out. Also, the URL should be either the machine name , private ip (if only being accessed within internal private lan OR public IP if being accessed from outside the box. Also, The instructions say to add the hostname but that's only one possibility of many in setting this up. If you don't have a hostname, just put localhost. Also, don't try to start all of this using docker. Use docker-compose. Create the temp location in the same place they suggest as it's already in the config file so create a /opt/octane/conf sub-dir. Put the two files they mention anywhere but just not in this same location. Also, when you go to restart this whole install again, blow away the contents of /opt/octane/conf (each time). Hope this helps. email me directly abrindell AT cortechs DOT com

2 months ago

When following the Simple all-in-one installation in the pdf instructions, I get the following error:
Attaching to almoctanedockerinstall_octane_1, almoctanedockerinstall_octane_es_1, almoctanedockerinstall_octane_oracle_1 octane_1 | APP_URL = <http://octane:8080> octane_1 | Create installation folders /opt/octane/log /opt/octane/repo/ octane_1 | cp: cannot stat '/opt/octane/conf/siteadmin.xml': No such file or directory octane_1 | Invoke script "/opt/octane/wrapper/HPALM console" under user "octane" octane_1 | configuration was not completed succesfully. Please fill all required fields in setup.xml and octane.yml octane_1 | and run /opt/octane/install/ octane_1 | before starting server almoctanedockerinstall_octane_1 exited with code 1

Does anybody have samples of these files and where they should be placed?

2 months ago

For anyone trying to figure out WHERE the heck docker-compse.yml and octane.env files are located, let me save you some time. They're in the installation package. Yes, like it says in the instructions but what it doesn't explain well (I received only instructions pdf from a colleague and found my way to the Docker image) is you download it from the link in the first comment below and when you click on GET IT, a zip file downloads. The files you need are there.

5 months ago

@silviocrivellini : The marketplace is now replacing HP Live Network. You can find the document by going to the "ALM Octane" page or by using this link:

5 months ago

I'm trying access for quickly get up and running by utilizing for details but I receive reply from How is possible to retrieve the appropriate document ?

5 months ago

The username can be found in the setup.xml file (under the conf directory mounted vi docker volume), look for the <entry key="SiteAdministratorUser">username</entry>

although the default is: sa@nga

8 months ago

I faced sync issue between containers. Octane container (octane) does not wait for database (octane_oracle) readiness. It tries to start before "Database ready to use. Enjoy! ;)" then not able to connect database for first installation.

9 months ago

Docker container is all set up, however I am unable to determine the username to actually log in to Octane with! Anyone know that?