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Asset Manager Browser is the presentation tier of Asset Manager which provide 'read only' view of AM
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Asset Manager Browser (AMB) is a micro service built on top of Asset Manager RESTful service. AMB enables AM users to quickly explore asset, build views and dashboards. This image has NO RESTful service tier, but AM RESTful service image will come out soon.

In order to use AMB container, you must have already setup AM RESTful service.

Two environment variables are honored:
$AM_WEB_SVC_HOST # the IP address or host name of AM RESTful service.
$AM_WEB_SVC_PORT # the port number of AM RESTful service.

AMB alpha version can only work with Asset Manager 9.50 and 9.60.

If you haven't expose the two environment varialbles above, AMB will assume the RESTful service is accesible at localhost:8081

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