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This repository contains HPE Codar community edition software Docker image
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What is HPE Codar Community Edition ?

HPE Codar Community Edition (HP Codar CE) is a DevOps automation tool with primary focus on release automation. Our goal is to help the R&D community to automate the release lifecycle of complex applications on a hybrid cloud environment including but not limited to deployment, post-deployment actions and undeployment of the applications. In essence, Codar helps you to automate “Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery” process.

About this image

This image contains HPE Codar 1.70 Community Edition. You may use this Community Edition to design your applications and perform release automation on unlimited number of OS instances for the first 30 days. After 30 days, you may either continue to use the full-featured community edition on 5 OS instances or buy licenses to continue enjoying unlimited number of OS instances.

HPE Codar CE trial license limitations

  1. Trial period of 30 days with unlimited deployment for any number of OSI.
  2. After expiry of trial period upto 5 OSI will be available if collection of product usage data by HPE is not selected during product activation.
  3. Upto 25 OSI will be available if collection of product usage data by HPE is selected during product activation.

How to use this image?

  1. Please refer the GitHub page which contains pre-requisites and instructions to stand up Codar Docker containers.
  2. Do not pull the "codar" image directly as it will not stand up the complete HPE Codar product.
  3. The "codar" image has dependency over other images hosted in “useitwithcsacodar” repository for example PostgreSQL database and HPE Operations Orchestration CE.
  4. Follow the instructions given in the “Instructions to launch HPE Codar CE 1.70 “ below in order to smoothly stand up HPE Codar 1.70 product. You can also refer the “docker-compose.yml” file hosted in the “GitHub” repo mentioned above to stand up the product.

Handy instructions to stand up HPE Codar CE 1.70

1.    (Optional) Login to the registry with your username, password and email 
       Command to execute: docker login

2.    Command to stand up Codar containers:
    (If you are not creating a folder under /tmp, please make sure there is no docker-compose.yml exists in the directory before you execute the curl command to stand up Codar"

    •    mkdir /tmp/codar
    •    cd /tmp/codar 
    •    curl -k -L | bash /dev/stdin <hostname> <ipaddress> [<proxyhost>] [<proxyport>]

 Proxyhost and Proxyport arguments are optional if the container already have internet access.
 This proxy setting will be used to connect the licensing server over internet. Provide the proxy server details if your  container is running behind a firewall.

  Please replace the arguments as per the below instruction,
  <hostname> is the Docker workstation/client hostname
  <ipaddress> is the Docker workstation/client ipaddress
  <proxyhost> proxy host
  <proxyport> proxy port

  For example, the Curl command should be as below. The hostname and ipaddress are sample
    curl -k -L | bash /dev/stdin 8080

  Please wait for 15-20 minutes after executing the command. Based on your network bandwidth the images will be downloaded and HPE Codar CE will be automatically configured.

  Image/Container Names

  • hpsoftware/codar:latest
  • hpsoftware/useitwithcsacodar:ooce1062
  • hpsoftware/useitwithcsacodar:codardb

  Please always stop or start the containers using below commands,
  To stop: docker-compose stop
  To start: docker-compose up --no-recreate -d
  (Kindly note that docker-compose start is currently not supported)

How to access HPE Codar CE ?

HPE Codar CE Management Console - https://<dockerworkstaions_ip>:18444/csa

Default Credentials     
Username: admin
Password: cloud

HPE Operations Orchestration Central - https://<dockerworkstaions_ip>:18445/oo

Default Credentials 
Username: admin
Password: cloud 

Important Note : Please change the password after HPE Codar CE & HPE OO CE are up and running

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker versions 1.7.1 or later.

Please see the Docker installation documentation for details on how to upgrade your Docker daemon.


Please download the documents from GitHub page


If you have any questions or problems with this image, please leave a comment below or email us

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