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Docker Image for HP LoadRunner Load Generator 12.53
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HP LoadRunner Load Generator Image

The images in the repository includes Load Generator (LG) component for HP LoadRunenr 12.53 and all its prerequisites. The image, using Ubuntu 14.04 as its base image, helps you deploy a LG machine on Linux distributions.

docker run -d -i -p <host_port>:54345 --net=host hpsoftware/load_generator
docker run -t -i -p <host_port>:54345 --entrypoint=/bin/bash --net=host hpsoftware/load_generator

The first command starts LG when you start the container. When using this method, do not attach to the container.
The second method only starts a container. You need to set up the LG environment variables and start the LG manually inside the container. You can then switch to host using Ctrl+P & Ctrl+Q. You can also attach to the container at a later time.

Tip: To avoid have the default NAT mode imapct LG’s network throughput, add the following command when starting a container: "--net=host".
The default port is 54345. You can specify a custom port through the Controller interface.

For more information, refer to HP LoadRunner Installation Guide and HP Software Support Matrices.

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