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HPE Operations Orchestration Community Edition images
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HPE Operations Orchestration Community Edition images

The images in the repository include HPE Operations Orchestration Community Edition Central Server with deployed content for orchestrating Docker, Puppet, Nexus, Jenkins and more. It uses a Postgres 9.3 DB.

Volumes: “/etc/postgresql”, “/var/log/postgresql”, “/var/lib/postgresql”

Exposed Ports: 8080(http),8443(https),5432(Postgres)

HPE OO Central logs are located in /usr/local/hp/oo/central/var/logs

The documentation for the deployed content packs is saved in /usr/local/hp/oo/content

Database Administrator credentials: User: postgres Password: foobar


  • Pull the image and create the container:
    docker run -t -i --name ooce -p 8080:8080 -p 8443:8443 -p 5432:5432 -d hpsoftware/ooce:10.70.2

It takes about two minutes until Central is up. To access Central, open a browser to http://<docker host ip>:<allocated http port>

  • Deploy the supplied content (relevant to version 10.70.2):
    docker exec <container name> <dockerhost ip> <mapped http port>
    e.g.: docker exec ooce1070 8080
    (You can, of course,. copy the content packs using docker cp, and deploy using the OO Central UI)

The images are tagged in the following format: <OOCE version>.<image version> e.g. The last image for OOCE 10.70 is tagged as 10.70.2

In case you want to create new flows and operations, you will need the Windows based HP Operations Orchestration Studio. In order to install OO Studio and develop your own content:

Copy the studio installation and the content packs from your container (named ooce in this example) to your Docker host: docker cp ooce:/usr/local/hp/oo/content/. .

Copy the files from your Docker host to your Windows desktop.

Install HPE OO Studio (community-installer-win64-studio.exe).

Open Studio and deploy the content packs.

For more details, guides and documentation of HPE Operations Orchestration, visit us at

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