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An experimental Freenet in a box image
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This installation contains a complete Freenet installation. You will be able to run Freenet by running box, there are few caveats.

Use of -d and -t option when running the container is recommended.

You can ssh into container user name is freenet, and the default is changeme.

The Freenet image exposes port 22 and 8888. But port 8888 is not open as default for configuration interface, so you will have to SSH into a running container, port port forwarding port 8888 inside the container to some port on your real machine. You may want, from the setting inside Freenet, to accept connections to port 8888 from outside if you prefer. (So you don't have to use port forwarding everytime.) But it's up to you.

Again, this is experimental, and mostly for fun...

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