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An experimental package to run hidden service. (Apache version)
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This image combines a webserver with Tor, making it a self-contained portable Tor appliance to serve hidden service over Tor. Similar to hsaito/torbox-hidden, but uses Apache instead of Lighthttpd.

The default root password of the container is "changeme" which you can connect through SSH through hidden service. (and be sure to change this password!)

Upon launch of the server, your hidden service host name can be found in /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname
This is displayed at the boot time, so check your log to find your address. If the file does not exist, for instance for your very first boot up, it will generate one by briefly running tor first.

Files for your hidden service can be placed in: /var/www
You may want to map this from other container using volumes-from option (recommended) or map from your host using v option.

Actual sample site running this container can be found at: zg5akdtmzkvcevsg.onion.
For your convinience, you can also access which redirect the URL above. (Currently this is down due to hosting outage, sorry about that!)

This is a very experimental container, and should not be used for mission critical purposes.

Files used to create this image can be found at GitHub.

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