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Docker setup for FermiLib+ProjectQ for easier installation and testing.
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Docker Setup for FermiLib+ProjectQ=FermiQ.

This Docker image will help users to easily install FermiLib and ProjectQ. Check out Docker's website that describes what a container image is and why it can be so useful.

What is included?

  • Conda Python 3 (but you can also use Python 2 with one minor change in Dockerfile. See Dockerfile for instructions.)
  • ProjectQ (git repo)
  • FermiLib (git repo)


To use this image, you first need to install Docker.

After installing Docker, there are two options: (1) pulling the Docker image from Docker Hub or (2) building the image.

(1) To pull the Docker image, execute:

docker pull hsim13372/fermiq_docker

(2) To build the Docker image, move the Dockerfile to your working directory. Then execute:

docker build -t "hsim13372/fermiq_docker" .

Finally, to run the image (assuming you're still inside your working directory), execute with YOUR_WORK_DIR as the path to your working directory:

docker run -it -v $(pwd):YOUR_WORK_DIR -w YOUR_WORK_DIR hsim13372/fermiq_docker

When you're done using the Docker image, you can use docker stop YOUR_CONTAINER_ID or docker kill YOUR_CONTAINER_ID to stop your container (you can get your container ID by using the command docker ps). Finally, feel free to use this as a parent image to build a more customized image layer, perhaps containing the available plugins (PySCF or Psi4) for FermiLib.

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