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Quick Start

    $ git clone && cd Postfix
    $ make
    $ make build

Postfix Docker

Postfix is a very nice mail courier service, enjoyed by many. This repo will give you a turn key, fully functional build of a Docker container for use in production or your dev environment.

If you found this repo you are probably looking into Docker or already have knowledge as to what Docker can help you with. In this repo you will find a number of complete Dockerfile builds used in development and production environments. Listed below are the types of systems available and an explanation of each file.

Repo Breakdown

Test Driven Development

CircleCI - Test the Dockerfile process, can the container be built the correctly? Verify the build process with a number of tests. Currently with this service no code can be tested on the running container. Data can be echo and available grepping the output via docker logs | grep value

Shippable - Run tests on the actual built container. These tests ensure the scripts have been setup properly and the service can start with parameters defined. If any test(s) fail the system should be reviewed closer.

Postfix Container - Build Breakdown

  • app/preseed.txt - Params used on initial Postfix setup
  • app/ - Setup apache, move around conf files, start process on container
  • app/supervisord.conf - Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems
  • app/virtual - Map root to an actual email
  • tests/ - Build processes
  • .dockerignore - Files that should be ignored during the build process - best practices
  • circle.yml - CircleCI configuration
  • Dockerfile - Uses a basefile build to help speed up the docker container build process
  • Makefile - A helpful file used to streamline the creation of containers
  • shippable.yml - Shippable configuration

  • To use CircleCI review the circle.yml file.
  • To use Shippable review the shippable.yml file. This service will use a circle.yml file configuration but for the unique features provided by Shippable it is best to use the deadicated shippable.yml file. This service will fully test the creation of your container and can push the complete image to your private Docker repo if you desire.
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