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ubuntu:14.04 logstash:1.4.2 zabbix-agent:2.2.5
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  • ubuntu:14.04
  • logstash:1.4.2(1.0)
  • zabbix-agent:2.2.5(2.0)
  • jre(openjdk):1.7(1.0)

create a directory and a Dockerfile first.

$ mkdir cell
$ cd cell
$ touch Dockerfile

building our own instance image for our development team.

# touch Dockerfile
# Init image, change {{zabbix_server_ip}} to real, change XXX.conf to real conf file
FROM huangchaosuper/devops:2.0
MAINTAINER Huang Chao <>
RUN sed -i '/^Server=/ c\Server={{zabbix_server_ip}}' /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf
RUN sed -i '/^ServerActive=/ c\ServerActive={{zabbix_server_ip}}' /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf
ADD /etc/opt/logstash/conf.d/XXX.conf /etc/opt/logstash/conf.d/XXX.conf
RUN service logstash restart
RUN service zabbix-agent restart

use the docker build command to build an image.

$ sudo docker build -t="ouruser/cell:1.0" .

We can then create a container from our new image.

 $ sudo docker run -d -p ouruser/cell:1.0

Open "Local network" discovery rule on Zabbix Server

Zabbix Agent will be discovered several minutes later.

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