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Runs factorio game server
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Factorio Server

Start a new game

docker run --rm -v "factorio_saves:/factorio/saves" hugecannon/factorio:latest --create mygame

Run Factororio server

docker run -d --name factorio \
  -p "34197:34197/udp" \
  -v "factorio_saves:/factorio/saves" \
  hugecannon/factorio:latest \
  --start-server mygame

Load a previous save to server

# ensure server is stopped
docker kill factorio

# copy save into volume
docker cp factorio:/factorio/saves/

# start server again
docker start factorio

Back up a save games (this backs up all saves including autosaves)

docker cp factorio:/factorio/saves .


If you require an older version of the server, see the tags page, and use the appropriate tag. e.g. hugecannon/factorio:0.12.25

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