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Short Description
A Varnish image, based on Alpine.
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A minimal, secure docker image with Varnish. Listens by default on port 6081.

Environment variables

pre-set variables (can be set at runtime)

  • JAIL (none)
  • VCL_FILE (/etc/varnish/default.vcl)
  • READ_ONLY_PARAMS (cc_command,vcc_allow_inline_c,vmod_path)
  • LISTEN_PORT (6081)
  • MANAGEMENT_ADDRESS (localhost)
  • STORAGE (malloc,100M)
  • DEFAULT_TTL (120)
  • ADDITIONAL_OPTS ("") f ex. "-p tcp_fastopen=on -S /etc/varnish/secret"

Optional runtime variables

  • IMPORTS: #-separated list of imports.
  • BACKENDS: #-separated list of backend names.
  • \<backend>: #-separated list of backend definition rows for \<backend>.
  • ACLS: #-separated list of acl names.
  • \<acl>: #-separated list of acl definition rows for \<acl>.
  • VCL_INIT, VCL_RECV, VCL_PIPE, VCL_PASS, VCL_HASH, VCL_HIT, VCL_MISS, VCL_BACKEND_RESPONSE, VCL_BACKEND_ERROR, VCL_DELIVER, VCL_PURGE, VCL_SYNTH, VCL_FINI: #-separated list of sub definition rows. F ex VCL_RECV='set req.http.Host = regsub(req.http.Host, ":[0-9]+", "");# return (pass);'.


Can drop

  • All but CHOWN, SETGID and SETUID.
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