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Minimal images of ubuntu i386 / 32 bits
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Supported tags

  • 15.04, vivid, latest
  • 14.10, utopic
  • 14.04, trusty

How to use

First you need to pull the image :

docker pull hugodby/ubuntu32:vivid

Then you can run it :

docker run -it hugodby/ubuntu32:vivid bash

Or use it as a base image in a Dockerfile :

FROM hugodby/ubuntu32:vivid
RUN echo Really what you want...
CMD /bin/bash

How images are made

I used mkimage scripts from docker official repo :

 sudo ./ -t hugodby/ubuntu32:15.04 debootstrap --variant=minbase --arch=i386 vivid

Then /etc/apt/sources.list is changed to activate restricted and universe repositories. The file looks like that :

deb vivid main restricted
deb-src vivid main restricted
deb vivid-updates main restricted
deb-src vivid-updates main restricted

deb vivid universe
deb-src vivid universe
deb vivid-updates universe
deb-src vivid-updates universe

deb vivid-security main restricted
deb-src vivid-security main restricted
deb vivid-security universe
deb-src vivid-security universe
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