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Use Autodesk Meshmixer (
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Autodesk Meshmixer for linux works only on Ubuntu 14.04 and it is problematic to run in other Linux versions.

This container aims to execute this GUI application in all Docker compatible Linux distributions you will need X11 support (-e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY and -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix)


docker run -ti -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:ro -v ~/.Xauthority:/home/meshmixer/.Xauthority -v $(pwd)/shared_directory:/home/meshmixer/shared_directory --net=host --privileged hugoviejo/meshmixer
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2 months ago

Any chance we could get the Dockerfile for this?

2 months ago

I ran into a problem on Ubuntu 17.04 with ~./Xauthority not existing. Found a solution here (, copied and pasted below

Rename the existing .Xauthority file by running the following command

mv .Xauthority old.Xauthority

xauth with complain unless ~/.Xauthority exists

touch ~/.Xauthority

only this one key is needed for X11 over SSH

xauth generate :0 . trusted

generate our own key, xauth requires 128 bit hex encoding

xauth add ${HOST}:0 . $(xxd -l 16 -p /dev/urandom)

To view a listing of the .Xauthority file, enter the following

xauth list