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Haskell development environment with vim as code editor
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Learning Haskell is enjoyful but preparing an efficient development environment is tedious. I don't want to quit again due to tooling issues. This repository will make our life easier in learning Haskell.

All of us own a big thanks to Joe Nelson's great work on Haskell Vim Now.

If you want to install all the staffs locally, please use Joe's one-line command. This work only targets docker users.

How to use

A docker image is built automatically on docker hub.

Pull the image

The command below pulls the latest image from docker hub.

docker pull huiwang/haskell-vim-now

Run a container

This command fires up a container of this image by mounting your project to the specified path.

docker run -t -i --rm -v $path_to_your_project:/home/$your_name/$your_project huiwang/haskell-vim-now bash


Once logged in, go to /home/$your_name/$your_project, and start developing

vim somefile.hs

How to customize

Fork this repository, and make an automated build pointing to the forked one.
Tool installation is described in
Vim configuratoins can be found in .vimrc

Pull requests are welcomed.

Future work

I wish to adopt more modern tools to make the workflow easier

  • Stack instead of cabal-install
  • Guard and Guard-shell to automatically compile and run tests as shown in Haskell Live
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